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Trafomic Oy designs electro-technical solutions and manufactures electrical components. Services include consulting on moving production off-shore, express deliveries, as well as back-up services to assure flexibility. 

Our product line includes transformers, chokes, and power supplies which we deliver quickly anywhere in the world. Trafomic’s ability to deliver is based on its own design and production combined with a world-wide network of subcontractors and dealers.  

Delivery services

Trafomic delivers electrical devices and components on annual contracts, on a project basis or as needed; even one part at a time. Annual and project contracts include normal basic planning and design. Annual contracts often include significant product development cooperation. 
Products are manufactured according to the needs of the customer, so that the right product is available at the right time in sufficient quantity, thus avoiding costs related to materials not being up to date or in short supply. At the same time, warehousing and version change costs remain low. We are also able to offer economic serial production and device assembly. 
We supply speciality devices for well known global brands. Our service includes product packing with instructions in packages with the customer’s logo, and delivery into the customer’s distribution chain.
Our delivery service “trump cards” are quality, accuracy and reliability. The customer receives the right product on their production line at the right time.

Express service

In situations where speed is necessary, as when spare parts are needed in an emergency, Trafomic manufactures and delivers devices and components quickly anywhere in the world, often by the next business day. Our warehouses contain a large selection of raw-materials and partially finished components from which we design and manufacture the component needed. If your production requires speciality components, it pays to use our Backup service. 

In emergency situations we have built transformers for ships and process industries within a few hours.

Backup services

Assure your continued production in disruptive situations anywhere in the world by making an agreement with Trafomic for Backup services. Contact us during the planning phase, study our models and make sure of their suitability. By choosing a Trafomic component as an alternative in your parts list, you assure continued production even when there are disturbances in the supply chain.
Why choose a Trafomic component to assure continuity?
Because our production is able to react quickly to unexpected needs. In our own warehouses we have materials in multi-use form, from which we can mass produce a large number of product variants. Aided by automation, we have sufficient capacity for large volumes and we have a world-wide delivery network to assure material deliveries. On a case-by-case basis we can agree to be a backup warehouse for critical materials. 
For example, an American customer concentrated production in Asia and we delivered by running our production line in Raisio on three shifts over Christmas.

Design services

In cooperation with our customers, we design various kinds of electrical device solutions. They can be large projects or limited tasks as part of the customer’s design team. Examples include entire power systems, test equipment design or magnetic field measurement. It could even be the realization of a completely new idea.
Often, design includes prototype testing and, at a minimum, the production of a pilot series. We can also offer economical serial production and device assembly. We manufacture speciality devices for well-known global brands right up to packaging in boxes printed with the client’s logo.
The best results are obtained if cooperation is started in the idea phase so that the customer can benefit from all of our strengths. Even in the case where the customer plans to move volume production to some low-cost country, we can achieve the best results through design and testing, which requires a lot of face-to-face meetings, right up to the production ramp-up phase in close cooperation with the customer and by moving volume production according to our supervised Take Cover process to the place chosen.

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